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"We beseech the sands of time to hesitate, for dawn to not awaken just this once, our unanswered plea falls silent, the hourglass relentlessly unremitting."

(Moon Dance Over Water)

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The Tree

We met by the tree in the morning

with rising sun brushing strokes over the bay

seeing ocean's turquoise and diamonds reuniting

tasting salt air watching pelicans at play

Your eyes met mine with a smile

with pressed lips breathing daylight anew 

the beat of redemption with one love in my heart

blessed by words never spoken so true

It’s Me and You          

Passionate love borne letters

each syllable seared just for you

A lullaby we’ve written together

From the ash, our fire, penned anew

Simple words, simple sounds, I know

all collecting, coalescing in view

Their rhythm like the voice of saved souls

speaks the truth, that for me, it’s you

A destiny, first whispered, a lifetime ago

imploring us, to let love flow through  

A lifetime hereafter, and you’re still on my lips  

I’m more than thankful, it’s me and you

... for Julie

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