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A lawyer by trade, a writer of poetry, short stories and lyrics in spirit. Much of my writing is introspective, or an observation on the remarkable world around us that is sometimes unnoticed. I am driven by many things, including a deep respect for life and the timeless beauty of writing about all its facets, as well as an indelible passion for the wonderfully infinite combinations of words that wander to my mind and fingertips.

My creativity is often fed by personal experiences and moments paused while paddling, running or otherwise enjoying the waterways and forests in both daylight and darkness. Often in the company of my amazing wife who shares my passion, sense of adventure and love for the simplest aspects of our world. The words of desire I've wandered to here are undoubtedly rooted in the unabating love story that is us. 

My work "Finding Peace" has been published in Poet's Choice Anthology Murder and Suicide (2020). The thought provoking "I See You" is found in the international literary and art magazine Beyond Words (April 2021), which also published "Moon Dance Over Water" in its August 2021 edition. The poem "A Paddler's Prayer" was published in the poetry section of Ottawa's Glebe Report on November 12th, 2021. 

I've taken a hiatus for the last two years, but am now filled to the brim with new combinations of thoughts, experiences and words that will soon see daylight.  

About Me: About Me
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